Dominican Republic

In Dominican Republic, only a few kilometers away from the golden beaches and crystalline waters where thousands of people spend their holidays under the sun, there is another land.
It’s the land of sugar cane.
Workers from the poorer part of the island, Haiti, are coming to work in the huge fields. They work only seasonally, they need it to survive as their land doesn’t give them any better opportunity. The work is very hard, all day long in the fields, seven days a week, under the scorching tropical sun. They say the salary is not so good but they need it and, nevertheless, they feel they are lucky. Comparing to other emigrants who need to travel for miles and miles to reach a safer and richer country to be able to work, yes, they are , in some way, lucky. After all, they say, the border to their country is not so far away and every evening when they return to their barracks around the sugar mill, they can see the sun go down and disappear right there in the west, where their land is.