Born and grew up in nord est Italy I’ve been travelling the world for years. Free-lance, award winning photographer, my camera has always been my best notebook knowing that photography is linked to research and it is one of the best means to better understand the changing world around us. Inspired by some of the greatest photographers of the 30’s – 50’s, Henri Cartier Bresson, Robert Frank, Vivian Meir, Gianni Berengo Gardin, my essential subject is social life, documentary and streets photography focusing mostly in ordinary life, cultural stories and  contemporary issues, always attracted by  isolated places and people out of the spotlight. My special passion for intimacy and details led me to develop portraiture as one of preferred means to interact with people and better understand the human feelings. Wandering the planet including it’s remote places,  I’ve always been fascinated by the profound simplicity and strength with which many people, especially  women and children, face life. In a world submerged by conflicts, I try  to document  the beauty and delicacy we can still find out there. With my studies in Geography and my passion for nature and worldwide different cultures, I’ve been traveling the world  promoting a sustainable tourism through ethnological and naturalistic itineraries with a low environmental impact. I’ve long worked in Indian Sub-Continent, South East Asia and in the most isolated corners of the planet.  Through on-site discoveries, photographs and  lectures, I’ve always tried  to make people better understand how is possible to acquire awareness about our fragile world, avoiding uncontrolled mass tourism which inevitably leads to destruction of natural habitats and cultural treasures. In 2016 my first pocketbook   was published: “La figlia di Saadi” Ed. Polaris (co-author M. Mallen), a tour around the world through short stories and photographs dedicated to the female universe.

I exhibited my photos in solo and collective shows in Italy and in collective shows in Italy, Spain and in USA.
Solo Exhibitions : Antropie, Fragments of life in motion – Dominae, faces, gestures, expressions seen through women,  in Italy  – Collective Exhibitions  in  USA, Italy and Spain. 
After being away from photography world for a while, I started to share my photographs just three years ago.

International Photo Contests: 1st place Julia Cameron Awards (Children of the world)  –  2nd place Tokyo International Awards  (Editorial)3rd place Prix de la Photographie Award  (Editorial)Merit of Excellence, Honorable mentions and Nominies  in various International Contests: All About Photo APP Magazine – Julia Margaret Cameron Awards  –  Monochrome Awards –  Colors of Life –  Fine Art Photography Awards  –  Black and White Spider Awards  – International Colors Awards – IPA International Photography Awards – IPA Street Awards –  Pollux Awards – Tokyo International Awards