PARIS 2019

Young girls and boys, following the 16-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thumberg, started to fight against climate change. They realized that there is no much time left  to stop global warming.  They try to do their best  to save our planet and stop all damages created by previous generations.  With their strength, their freshness, their delicacy, their fragile contradictions, their ingenuity and  with a stronger  determination, they are on the move every Friday. Greta started her first strike in skipping the school and sitting outside the Swedish Parliament  raising a simple sign “Skolstrejk for Climate”  school strike for climate change” in august 2018.

Afterwards,  her movement  “Friday for future” raised in influence in such a short time that many people and activists  involved in great climate campaigners were astonished to see the growth of the movement which  gained so quickly a greater global mobilization.  Little by little,  Millennials  from all around the world  continue to awake older people and politicians consciences on the urgent issue.  I followed and documented a Friday’s strike  in  Paris  from Place de l’Opera to Place de La Republic. It was a sort of joyful, civil and peaceful protest. Also many adults joined it with  great expectations: “Let’s do hope they will be able to do what we have not been able to do for years”.