Georgia and Armenia 2017

After decades of religious obscurantism, Caucasus countries are back to religion. People of Georgia and Armenia are silently going back to their prayers. They started to reshape their soul returning to their churches, their monasteries, their religious services, trying to rebuild their faith which had been only hidden for years. Women prefer praying alone for hours every day while priests celebrate the Baptism, Chrismation and Holy Communion of adults and make private mass services for widows.  Orthodox Church faithful in Georgia and the Apostolic Church faithful in Armenia try to do their best to support the restoration of the ruined buildings. There are churches which are still like they were in the ‘60s, almost all interiors were destroyed, especially the breathtaking frescos. Thousands of candles keep alive the cold stones while, just a few kilometers from the holy silence,  big copper factories continue their work since the ’70s.